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Have you ever used a body scrub?

Maybe a special body wash with a little exfoliate in it? Well I want to introduce to you my homemade Organic Aromatherapy Sugar Scrubs. These types of scrubs are the ones used in real spa settings as a treatment for your whole body. In my experience using the scrubs, there is nothing else on the market that removes dead skin and leaves your skin feeling incredibly hydrated and silky smooth in a natural way. They are safe to use on your whole body. I enjoy using them in areas where I may perspire more to get a little cleaner feel and add a little detox to my self care routine. One of the most commonly applied areas are the hands and feet. Nothing like your feet being ready for that party or your hands for date night.

As we know, majority of the products that we use while bathing have harsh chemicals that strip our skin of natural oils and can have unwanted affects to our bodies. That’s why I’m so proud that these scrubs are created with all natural organic ingredients. The base oils are Organic unrefined coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and organic white cane sugar. From there, I integrate Organic Aroma therapy essential oils from around the world that have their own unique superpowers (benefits).

I learned how to create these fabulous scrubs in massage school. My instructor did such an amazing demonstration that I fell in love with them and wanted to one day bring them to use and sell in my practice.

Start Scrubbing!

Sugar Scrubs make for great gifts for your friends and family for basically any occasion. I can’t wait for you to give them a try and let me know what you think. I know once you do, you’ll say, like my client said, “How much are they? I fell in love”.  How can you enjoy these scrubs? 


  • Individual sale. 8 oz. $20.00 
  • Aromatherapy Organic hand and foot scrub treatment $15.00
  • Enjoy as an add-On to your massage.

Just Breathe Integrative Massage offers you the opportunity to experience a holistic approach to massage therapy that combines a variety of techniques and healing styles to give you a unique and complete mini-vacation on the massage table. If you are over-worked, stressed and have too much tension in your body or if you’re dealing with pain from a sports injury then you are the perfect candidate for experiencing a Just Breathe massage! 

Rachel Nassar
Licensed Massage Therapist

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