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Massage Therapy makes for a great gift!

Have you experienced a therapeutic massage before? Noticed the tension and stress that you carry in your shoulders and neck? It’s surprising how our body endures all that we put on them. We don’t even notice how much we’re hurting, until you’re touched and then surprise… we found a new issue.

It is said that an hour massage is equivalent to an 8 hour nights sleep. The gift of massage is not really appreciated until redeemed. When you can leave all your stress and worries behind for an hour or so and really do some physical recuperating on the massage table.

Often, we put the needs of everyone before ourselves which in turn weighs heavy on our body and soul. Whether you choose to gift a massage to a friend, a co-worker, or a spouse, you are giving a gift that is literally going to make a difference for someone on a cellular level. I integrate essential oils into my massage as well to enhance the relaxation and breathing. Everyone needs some relax time and a massage gift certificate is a great gift for any occasion. 

Give the Gift of Relaxation Now!

Some options for gifting our custom massages are:

Therapeutic Massage – (relaxation, deep tissue, trigger point work and healing touch.) 1 hour $75.00 / 1.5 hour $100.00

Couples Therapeutic Massage – (relaxation, deep tissue, trigger point work and healing touch.) 1 hour per person 150.00 Therapeutic Massage / 1.5 hour per person $200.00

Organic Aroma Therapy Sugar Foot Scrub – add on treatment for $10 per person.

Prenatal (Pregnancy) Massage – One of my most relaxing Massages. Creating a stress releasing, healing massage for mom’s body and baby’s belly. 1 hour/ $75.00

Ask about my info on Corporate Chair massage events as well! You may call to purchase a gift Certificates by calling Rachel at  (239) 878-2793. 

Just Breathe Integrative Massage offers you the opportunity to experience a holistic approach to massage therapy that combines a variety of techniques and healing styles to give you a unique and complete mini-vacation on the massage table. If you are over-worked, stressed and have too much tension in your body or if you’re dealing with pain from a sports injury then you are the perfect candidate for experiencing a Just Breathe massage! 

Rachel Nassar
Licensed Massage Therapist

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